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Ready for an Astronomical Adventure? Join us for the Solar Eclipse on April 8th

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to witness one of nature’s most breathtaking displays. Join us in Mercer County for a Solar Eclipse viewing event that promises to be out of this world.

Whether you’re an astrology aficionado, a family seeking a unique outing, or a science enthusiast eager to learn more, this event is for you.

Capture the wonder. Embrace the experience. Be part of the Solar Eclipse in Mercer County, PA!

Stay tuned below for Eclipse updates from around Mercer County, PA:

What is the Date and Time of the Eclipse?

The solar eclipse is on Monday, April 8. The times for the eclipse are as follows:

  • Start of Partial Eclipse – 1:59 PM
  • Start of Total Eclipse – 3:15 PM
  • End of Total Eclipse – 3:20 PM
  • End of Partial – 4:35 PM

Actual times will vary based on your location.

Contact VisitMercerCountyPA today at 724-383-8191 to learn more about this exciting event and how to get your solar eclipse glasses!

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