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2024 Solar Eclipse Party at the Gibson House Manor

As the cosmos aligns on Monday, April 8, 2024, a rare phenomenon will grace the skies of the United States—the breathtaking Solar Eclipse of 2024.  For this awe-inspiring spectacle, the Gibson House Manor, nestled in the heart of Historic Jamestown, PA, is offering an unforgettable, safe, and exciting viewing location to witness this once-in-a-lifetime event.

Your All-Access Pass to the Eclipse: Reserving Your Spot at Gibson House Manor

The Gibson House Manor Solar Eclipse Party is an all-day affair, extending from the early morning hours to the time when the moon and sun converge.   Reservations are $25 per person and include Eclipse Glasses, Breakfast, Lunch, and a variety of engaging activities before and during the eclipse. The indoor area will be fully equipped with seating, restrooms, an experienced solar eclipse lecturer, and internet television streaming the eclipse.

All reservations are also guaranteed a marked space in the outdoor parking area.  Guests who want to be outdoors during the eclipse are encouraged to bring their own lawn chairs and necessities.

How to Reserve

Call or text the Gibson House Manor at 724.456.4983 to secure your reservations, which must be confirmed with a credit card. Whether indoors or outdoors, your participation will guarantee an immersive eclipse experience with this once-in-a-lifetime event.

Act Now: Secure Your Place in History

Take advantage of this opportunity to be a part of an event that will not just be etched in the sky but also in the hearts of all who attend. Secure your reservation and be ready to welcome the eclipse of 2024 with open arms and a keen eye.


The Gibson House Manor is located at 210 Liberty Street, Jamestown, PA  16134.

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