Jamestown, PA

Jamestown, PA – Enjoy the Peaceful Atmosphere and Adventure!

Jamestown was founded by and named after, James Campbell, first settler with his family in 1798. The Borough was incorporated in 1853, as part of Mercer County. Early growth was spurred along because of Shenango River access, with many mills and businesses built along the River. Starting in the mid 1800’s, Railroads going through the town, with Depots located here, further provided a favorable location for various trades and specialty businesses. The construction of the Pymatuning Dam in 1933 and the subsequent Pymatuning State Park location 2 miles outside of town has brought tourist, camping and fishing visitors to our area. Today Jamestown is a quiet community, with longtime residents welcoming visitors and new neighbors with an excellent school system, generous community spirit, active church congregations, inviting restaurants, and cozy stores. They invite you to visit our little community and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.

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