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Unique and Tasty French Fries in Mercer County, PA

Best French Fries in Mercer County, PA

Mercer County is the place to be when looking for a tasty meal, refreshing draft, or sweet treat. It is also home to spud-tacular French fries that you are sure to enjoy!

Below are some of the best places to get yummy French fries to please your taste buds.

Apollo Maennerchor

Located in Sharon, PA, Apollo Maennerchor offers a menu featuring a variety of delicious dishes such as salads, sandwiches, and German cuisine. In addition to their German dishes, they also offer French fries that are worth the trip!

They offer the Gasthaus Fries, a basket of fresh-cut fries perfect for accompanying your meal or to share with your table. Their menu also features delectable Max’s Truffle Fries which are smothered in parmesan, truffle oil, and finished with a sprinkle of parsley.

Blackout Burger Bar

Blackout Burger Bar, located in Mercer, PA, offers three varieties of tasty fries to enjoy! Their menu features truffle fries with parmesan, truffle oil, garlic, and green onion. If you are looking for a protein-packed basket of fries, try their pulled pork fries featuring BBQ pulled pork and cheddar jack cheese.

If you like regular fries, but want to try some dipping sauces, the dipping fries are for you! These dipping fries feature a basket of fresh fries served with your choice of two dipping sauces such as roasted garlic mayo, siracha ranch, honey mustard, and more!

Donna’s Diner

If you like your fries a bit sweet, then try Donna’s Diner! Located in Sharon, PA, Donna’s Diner is an old-fashioned eatery featuring ‘50s diner food with a few French options available. Try their Sweet Little 16 sweet potato fries for a change of pace or pair their American in Paris fries with a hand-scooped milkshake for a tasty treat.

Hickory Bar & Grille

Hermitage, PA is home to the Hickory Bar & Grille with premium steaks, a wide array of beers on tap, and the delicious Hornet fries. These French fries are covered in pulled pork and smothered in sausage gravy, making them a meal of their own or a great appetizer to share before you enjoy one of the other many tasty items on their extensive menu!

Iron Bridge Inn

Iron Bridge Inn puts its own twist on French fries by using zucchini instead of potatoes. Located in Mercer, PA, the Iron Bridge Inn offers a menu filled with a variety of salads, sandwiches, pasta, seafood, and more! They take the classic idea of a French fry and replace it with zucchini fries, which are fried, dusted with parmesan, and served with their house marinara for dipping. If you want to try a unique twist on the French fry, stop by Iron Bridge Inn!

Quaker Steak & Lube

Quaker Steak & Lube in Sharon, PA, known for their tasty wings and delicious wing sauces ranging from mild to super spicy, also feature a variety of starters and sides on their menu which includes Loaded Magna Fries. Their Loaded Magna Fries are covered in melted cheddar-jack cheese, bacon and scallions, with a side of ranch for dipping.

Pair these with their famous wings or order a basket to share!

Timbercreek Tap & Table

Timbercreek Tap & Table, with locations in Meadville and Grove City, offers guests a menu filled with a variety of options from small plates, pizza, and sandwiches to seafood and pasta, there are delicious options for everyone. They also feature a great tap list of the beer they brew.

Included in the menu is the Pulled Pork Poutine. This shareable dish features fresh-cut French fries that are smothered in their house beer cheese, BBQ pulled pork, melted cheese curds, and jalapenos. They also offer sweet potato fries and fresh-cut fries for those looking for a simpler side.

Come for the French Fries, Stay for the Adventure!

Mercer County is home to many amazing restaurants that you can enjoy during your stay in Mercer County, PA! The area also features a variety of outdoor adventures such as hiking, fishing, and kayaking and is also home to the Wine & Brew Trail where you and your group can tour the beautiful scenery of the area while enjoying the county’s best brews, wines, and spirits!

To start planning your Mercer County adventure, visit today!

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