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Trout Season begins March 27th. Here are a few of our favorite fishing holes.

Anglers are gearing up for trout season, which begins on March 27th. Make this trout season a fun and successful one by visiting these favorite fishing holes in Mercer County, PA.

Trout Season begins March 27th. Here are a few of our favorite fishing holes.

Shenango River

Shenango River from New Hamburg to the Big Bend recreation area offers excellent trout fishing. This area is where Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission stock trout biannually.

Neshannock Creek

Neshannock Creek, which translates to the “place of two streams,” begins in Mercer County, where Cool Spring Creek combines with other smaller feeder streams. The creek flows southwest through Lawrence County, welcoming Pine Run, Beaver Creek, Potter Run, Indian Creek, and the Little Neshannock Creek.

The creek’s mouth surrenders to the Shenango River, which builds momentum to the west as the smaller Neshannonck Creek flows east. The “place of two streams” is a great place for trout fishing and all angling throughout the seasons.

When fishing the Neshannock Creek, you will have the opportunity to fish Delayed Harvest Artificial Lures Only, Keystone Select Stocked Trout Waters, and Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission stocked trout waters. These Keystone Select trout waters and the Delayed Harvest Artificial Lures only are both successfully fished with mealworms, minnows, salmon eggs, and more. It is recommended that you add some weight to your line because these sections are larger than the typical trout stream.

The stream is easy to access and has plenty of parking in various locations in public parking lots and pull-offs along the way. The “place of two streams” makes for a great place to start your trout season in Mercer County.

Cool Spring Creek

Cool Spring Creek is where the Delayed Harvest Program was established in Mercer County. With this program, hatchery trout are used to provide a seasonal no-kill fishery, followed by a limited harvest opportunity during less favorable conditions to allow for stocked trout survival during the summer.

This creek is stocked with brown and rainbow trout, offering you the chance for a trophy catch. This quiet stream also offers wildlife sightings such as deer or wild turkey and spring flowers lining the trails and creek.

The creek is easy to access, thanks to groomed trails in the area.

Wolf Creek

Wolf Creek is part of the Northwest Regulated Trout Waters. This creek is annually stocked with trout serving as a great spot for fishing. The recommended “honey hole” is from Route 58 bridge in Grove City downstream to Airport Road bridge.

North Deer Creek

The North Deer Creek is a 9.24 mile long, 2nd order tributary to the French Creek in Mercer County. Located about a mile from Sunol, North Deer Creek rises on the Conneaut Outlet divide, flowing easterly and meeting the French Creek roughly 1 mile southeast of Carlton.

These stocked trout waters are a great place to wet a line on the first day of trout season.

Sandy Creek

Little Sandy Creek starts east of Lake Wilhelm in Mercer County, flowing southeast for approximately six miles and then emptying into Sandy Creek near Polk. Brook and wild trout are abundant, and the creek is stocked twice a year by the Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission, once in early March and then in late April.

These early stocking times make this a great place for anglers who are ready to get out of the house and get out of the winter slump. Enjoy this creek that is located off the beaten path and offers a challenge for experienced anglers.

Little Shenango River

Located in Greenville, PA, these stocked trout waters are open to fishing year-round with a permit. A great way to access the river is the Werner Road access, which features a good place to pull off and park and is not on private property.

Lake Julia at Buhl Farm Park

Lake Julia is a 6-acre lake that offers anglers a great place to catch rainbow trout. Located just 1 mile from Sharpsville in Mercer County, Lake Julia is fully stocked for trout season and is ready for anglers of all skill levels.

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