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Take a Hike! Three lesser-known Hiking Trails in Mercer, PA

Hiking is a great way to stave off cabin fever while allowing you to boost your activity level and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Mercer County. There are abundant outdoor recreation activities in the area, including hiking trails that wind through the county’s rich and scenic nature.

Shenango Trail

Located on the old Erie Canal Extension towpath, the Shenango Trail is 8 miles long from Big Bend to Kidds Mill Covered Bridge. This multi-use natural trail is great for hiking, horseback riding, trail running, and bird watching with beautiful views along the Shenango River. You can appreciate the richness of natural attractions along the trail with various plants and animals to observe.

This trail was once a towpath during the 1800s where mules pulled boats along the canal to link goods from the Great Lakes to Pittsburgh and beyond. There are three trailheads for the Shenango Trail located at Big Bend, New Hamburg, and Kidds Mill in Mercer County.

Seth Meyers Trail

The Seth Myers Trail, not far from the Shenango River Trail, was designated in 1982. This .5-mile trail has a natural earth surface and is perfect for a short, leisurely hike. Located north of the dam, this self-guided nature trail provides you with the opportunity to learn more about the plants and the wildlife along the Shenango River Lake.

There are 17 numbered posts along the trail that are made to correspond with the trail guide pamphlet that contains a wealth of information about the local nature and wildlife.

Hell’s Hollow Wildlife Adventure Trail

The Hell’s Hollow Wildlife Adventure Trail is an exciting and educational hiking trail in Mercer County. You can observe beaver dams, spot deer and wild turkey, or try your hand at bird watching.

You can explore one of Mercer County’s first iron ore furnaces as well as the waterfalls along the trail.  Hike to the Hell’s Hollow Farm, where you can check out an old stone house built in 1824 and wonder thru acres of Historic Indian hunting grounds. Hike back in time on this trail and enjoy the scenic views, nature sightings, and Mercer County history.

Ready to Plan Your Hiking Trip in Mercer County?

Mercer County is filled with various hiking trails and other recreational opportunities that are perfect for the whole family. Take a self-guided nature hike, unwind with a picnic, try your hand at fishing, kayaking, and more in Mercer County!

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