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Skydive Fest 2022 is coming to Skydive PA in Grove City (Details & Itinerary)


Skydive Fest will be held August 5th-7th at SkyDive PA in Grove City. This event is the perfect opportunity to view thrilling skydiving formations and have an unforgettable experience in Mercer County!

Action-Packed Fun for the Whole Family!

This event will feature educational presentations, helicopter rides, a large formation skydives, and so much more! SkyDive PA will also be making a record attempt for crowds to watch. This event is FREE to the public. Just bring your lawn chair, sit back, and enjoy food, music, and skydiving!

Watch packing demonstrations and have all your skydiving questions answered during the Questions and Answers panel by the experts at SkyDive PA.

On Friday, August 5th, the skydiving will begin at 11 am. On Saturday, August 6th, and Sunday, August 7th, the skydiving will begin at 8 am. On Saturday and Sunday, the final skydives of the evening will have special landings at Libations Winery.

Helicopter Rides are available on Saturday starting at 2 pm and on Sunday from 10 am – 1:30 pm.  Cost per individual for the helicopter rides is $40.00.

Learn more about Mercer County’s connection to the parachute in the educational session conducted by VisitMercerCountyPA. Some nice prizes can be won at the educational sessions.

More About SkyDive PA

SkyDive PA is a USPA-affiliated, full-time commercial skydiving school. They provide modern, well-maintained equipment and are equipped with square main and reserve parachutes with automatic activation devices on reserve, making safety a top priority.

SkyDive PA is staffed by expert USPA licensed instructors and has provided the Pittsburgh area with a high-quality skydiving experience for over 25 years!

Meet the team at SkyDive PA and seek some thrills on a helicopter ride this summer at SkyDive Fest! Contact Visit Mercer County PA today to learn more!

SkyDive PA is located at 496 Old Ash Rd.  Mercer, PA   16137.


The Complete Flier Can Be Seen Here: SkyDive Fest Flier

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