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National Gingerbread House Day is Dec 12th? Here is the Perfect Way To Celebrate

National Gingerbread House Day is celebrated on December 12th every year. This holiday is all about celebrating the art of making gingerbread houses and is perfect for people of all ages who love to get creative in the kitchen.

While some might associate gingerbread houses with Christmas, the origins of this day actually go back much further.

A Brief History of Gingerbread

National Gingerbread House Day is Dec 12th? Here is the Perfect Way To Celebrate

Spiced breads were likely brought back to Europe from the Middle East by crusaders in the 11th century, but Armenian monk Gregory Nicopolis may have brought back ginger-spiced bread to France around the 10th century.

Gingerbread houses were first introduced in Germany during the 16th century and have become a staple in holiday festivities ever since.

Gingerbread houses rose in popularity, possibly inspired by the German fairytale “Hansel and Gretel,” a tale of two abandoned children who follow a trail of crumbs through the forest where they get lost and discover a witch’s gingerbread house where they barely escape to tell the tale.

English colonists brought gingerbread to the New World, and today, gingerbread house making has evolved into an art form with competitions, shows, and even museums dedicated to this sweet tradition.

Take the Gingerbread House Tour in Mercer County!

This unique tour will take you on a festive adventure filled with beautifully decorated gingerbread houses and unforgettable memories.

Each participating store and attraction has gone above and beyond to create its own one-of-a-kind gingerbread house display, ensuring that you’ll be amazed at every stop. And the best part? You can win prizes and collect stamps along the way, making it an interactive and exciting experience for everyone.

But this tour is more than just a feast for the eyes – it’s a chance to support local businesses and attractions in Mercer County. Discover new shops, explore hidden gems, and get your holiday shopping done all in one fun-filled tour.

Whether you’re a local looking for a new holiday tradition or a visitor wanting to experience the magic of Mercer County, the Gingerbread House Tour is an absolute must. So grab your Gingerbread Tour Passport and get ready for the sweetest adventure of the season.

Visit these locations to pick up your passport:

  • Apple Castle
  • Big Dog RC
  • Cobblehaus Brewing Company
  • Conneaut Cellars Winery
  • Fractured Grape Wine Cellars
  • Gatehouse Winery
  • Hampton Inn & Suites, Grove City, PA
  • Nova Cellars Winery
  • Olympic Fun Center
  • O’Neill Coffee
  • Simply Sweets
  • The Block
  • Thyme In Your Kitchen
  • Trendy
  • Vey’s Pub & Grille
  • VisitMercerCountyPA
  • Webb Winery

Call 724-383-8191 to learn more about this exciting event. Don’t miss out on the Gingerbread House Tour – it’s a holiday experience like no other!

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