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Great Places to Ride Your Bike This Spring

Bicycling is the perfect spring activity. It helps keep you active while providing the opportunity to get some fresh air and enjoy all the scenic views around you. Mercer County is a beautiful place to take a bike ride, featuring various trails you can enjoy.

Buhl Farm Park Pump Track

Buhl Park has installed the first asphalt “Pump Track” in the Northeast United States designed by DirtSculpt of Allentown. The track is designed for off-road cycling and features twists and turn as well as banked turns. The track offers cycling options for all riders, from beginner to advanced. One loop around the pump track is roughly one to two-tenths of a mile.

The track Is located next to the Buhl Park Driving Range in the wooded area that is to the right of the parking lot.

Buhl Farm Park is located at 715 Hazen Road, Hermitage, PA 16148.

John C. Oliver Multi-Purpose Loop Trail/Lake Wilhelm Trail

The John C. Oliver Multi-Purpose Loop Trail is an 11.7-mile at the heat of Maurice K. Goddard State Park. The tail was named in 2015 to honor the first secretary of the state’s Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.

This trail is mostly shaded, off-road, and runs along the northern and southern shores of Lake Wilhelm. There are on-road connections at either end that complete the scenic and richly wooded loop around the lake, making it a perfect trail for a leisurely bike ride on a beautiful spring day.

Maurice K. Goddard State Park is located at 684 Lake Wilhelm Rd., Sandy Lake, PA 16145.

Trout Island Trail

The Trout Island Trail project is planned to be a 13-mile rail-trail running along the former Erie and Pittsburgh Railroad and is maintained and worked on by the Mercer County Trails Association.

Right now, there are 2.4 miles of trail fully paved and open to the public in Sharpsville. This portion of the trail follows the Shenango River near the Pennsylvania-Ohio border. It is planned for the trail to eventually run to Orangeville.

While riding, enjoy the scenic views of farmlands, woodlands, as well as the Shenango Dam. The first half mile that spans from downtown to the dam is an easy coast downhill. The rest of the trail levels out for a smooth and relaxing bicycle ride.

Trout Island Trail is located at 20 N. Mercer Ave, Sharpsville, PA 16150.

Endless Outdoor Fun in Mercer County

If you want to do more than just biking, you can also hike many of these trails, rent kayaks, go fishing, and enjoy the offerings of the many state and community parks in Mercer County. Make a day or a weekend out of it with a camping trip, a canoeing adventure, or a bike ride and a picnic lunch at the park. Check out today to start planning your trip!

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