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Daffin’s Candies boasting a new Chocolate Kingdom in Mercer County, PA!

November 13, 2018

New Daffin's Candies Chocolate Kingdom

The Daffin’s Candies Company has unveiled a brand-new Chocolate Kingdom display inside their flagship retail store in Sharon, PA.

New Daffin's Candies Chocolate Kingdom
The New Chocolate Kingdom

After months of work, the new Chocolate Kingdom becomes the centerpiece of the iconic candy store, which is also a trademarked HallmarkGold Crown location.The kingdom features life-sized chocolate creatures and a tree-like chocolate castle. The jellybean trail is full of color and creativity for all ages!

The original Chocolate Kingdom dates back to 1970 when Pete Daffin decided to create a dream scenario made out of chocolate. This one-of-a-kind attraction includes a 400-pound chocolate turtle, a 125-pound chocolate reindeer, and a 75-pound chocolate frog.

The Origianl Daffin's Chocolate Kingdom
The Original Chocolate Kingdom

The kingdom also includes chocolate castles, a train, a village, and a Ferris wheel that will fascinate and delight all who enter.

Admission to Daffin’s Candies to view the Chocolate Kingdom is free. Bus tours and groups are welcome.

Groups wishing to visit are asked to call and make reservations at 724-347-4511. Daffin’s Candies is located at 496 East State Street, Sharon, PA 16146.

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