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Buy these specialty wine products at Libations winery

Libations Winery, located in Mercer, PA, offers guests s festive experience that cannot be missed! With a complete variety of over 25 different wines to enjoy, cold local craft beer and signature cocktails, this is the place to be wine and spirits lovers.

Specialty Wines and Products to Enjoy at Libations

Libations Winery offers a distinct variety of wines that have been produced and crafted by their expert winemakers using an ingredient from their own and local vineyards and orchards. They offer a range of wine styles, including traditional hard cider, mead, dry wine, sweet wine, and fruit wine.

Hot Mama

If you are looking for a unique wine experience, look no further than Hot Mama. This specialty wine is made from a secret blend of Volant Winery’s white wines that are infused with jalapeno peppers for a series of weeks. Steer clear if you have a weak throat because this one starts out sweet and packs a punch with the jalapeno.

Sangria Wine Slushy Mix

For those who want a great gift for a loved one or for themselves, consider the Sangria Wine Slushy Mix. This is easy to use and makes for a refreshing drink to share with friends all year round! All you need to do is add a bottle of Volant Red and water, shake it up, then freeze for a fun and boozy treat.

Coca Vino

Have a chocolate lover in your life? Consider the Volant Cocoa Vino. This sweet red wine offers you a stunning flavor of chocolate with notes of cherry and a tantalizingly sweet smell that is sure to please and impress.


With the delicious combination of cranberries and grapes, this is the perfect wine for the holiday season! Enjoy a glass of this cranberry blend with your next holiday dinner, or add it to a seasonal gift basket for a loved one. No matter how you pour it, this Cran-Grape wine is a hit!

Medieval Solstice

This 100% honey wine is made using traditional standards and single-source orange grove honey. Mead or honey wine is the drink of kings and is perfect for the special “royalty” in your life! Volant Winery mead Is aged for one full year before bottling and is lightly filtered. For each bottle of mead, a ½ pound of honey is used.

George’s Hard Cider

If you are looking for a traditional hard cider, look no further than Volant Winery. This hard cider is barrel fermented and aged for 18 months. Volant Winery uses their 200-year-old recipe and methods to provide you with a smooth, dry flavor featuring hints of oak. This makes for a unique gift as the beverage that built America.

Whiskey Stix

This locally made treat consists of pretzel sticks that have been baked with whiskey. They are a great snack on their own or paired with one of Volant Winery’s wines, meads, or ciders.

Plan a Day of Wine and Shopping in Mercer County

Mercer County is home to a variety of wineries, distilleries, and breweries, as well as quaint shops featuring unique gifts. Get your holiday shopping done or find the perfect birthday gift for a loved one when you visit Mercer County, PA. Plan your getaway today at

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