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Anyone Can Enjoy Easy Paddling on the Upper Shenango River Water Trail in Mercer County, PA

A one-hour drive from Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Erie, in the Western Pennsylvania county of Mercer, is a fantastic water trail that all ages can enjoy. The scenic Upper Shenango River Water Trail provides 23 miles of easy canoe and kayak paddling or inner tube floating. Starting in Pymatuning State Park, and running through the towns of Jamestown and Greenville, the trail ends at the Army Corp of Engineers facility at the Shenango River Lake. The trail is comprised of seven non-motorized boat launches so paddlers can choose several different lengths for their float.

To help visitors enjoy the river, two companies, Carried Away Outfitters and Pymatuning Rentals and Information Center, are ready to assist.

Carried Away Outfitters’ opening day for the 2018 season is April 28 at two locations: 4220 East Lake Road, Jamestown, PA 16134 and in Riverside Park, 45 Alan Avenue, Greenville, PA 16125. Carried Away Outfitters has a fleet of kayaks and canoes for rent for organized groups, families, or friends to enjoy paddling Pymatuning Lake or down the Upper Shenango River Trail. For more information and a complete list of services offered and events hosted throughout the season, such as the Full Moon Floats, visit them at

The start of the 2018 season for Pymatuning Rentals and Information Center is on April 22, Earth Day, and ends on Labor Day. A family-owned and operated business, they offer kayak, canoe, and inner tube rentals, with shuttle service on the Upper Shenango Water Trail. Pymatuning Rentals specializes in accommodating company picnics, family reunions, and organization meetings. They host many events throughout the season including Earth Day Pick N Paddle, Mom’s Free Float, Father’s Float Free Day, and their largest event, Pyma-Tubing. A complete list of events can be found on their Facebook page. They are located at 1 Gibson Street, Jamestown, PA 16134.

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