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Why was Mercer County Named Mercer County?

Created on March 12, 1800, as part of Allegheny County, Mercer County was named after General Hugh Mercer from the American Revolution. Mercer County was originally attached to Crawford County until it was formally organized in February 1804.

Mercer, the county seat, was created in 1803, formally becoming a borough in March 1814.

The Beginnings of Mercer County

Mercer County was included in the Last Purchase of 1784. This land was intended to serve as Donation Land to compensate the Revolutionary veteran soldiers. During the 1790s, this area had settlers arriving slowly, with the county being created before the population was large.

Between 1796 and 1798, towns like Mercer, which originally began as a tavern, as well as Greenville, Grove City, and Sharon, were all established. The early economy in these areas was established by sawmills and grist mills. The opening of the canal to the Allegheny River in 1934 and a canal to Erie in 1844 help to stimulate coal and iron mining in the area.

The iron ore was low quality, but the area’s block coal continued to sell well. In 1864, railroads started to arrive in Mercer County, and with an abundance f block coal, the Sharon Iron Company started a foundry and rolling mill in 1851, with the main products being bars, nails, and iron rails. Mercer County’s first steel mill opened in 1887 and Sharon Steel Works Started in 1896.

The economy in the area continues to diversify and includes manufacturing, tourism, and agriculture such as sheep and dairy farming, some on Amish farms.

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