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Visit Mercer Welcomes Big Rail Brewing

Visit Mercer is happy to welcome Big Rail Brewing to the community! The brewery gets its name from the nickname Big Rail, for the 155-pound and 152-pound rail that was made incredibly strong to handle the immense weight of coal and ore carried through the PA wilderness. This blue-collar born-and-brewed establishment is forged in the wilds of PA, brewing beer to honor unseen blue-collar tradespeople who carry the immense weight of our modern civilization.

Big Beers and Bites at Big Rail Brewing

The brewery offers a beautiful outdoor beer garden where you can stretch your legs while enjoying carefully curated background music, live bands, campfires, and special events. They also offer yard games and tasty bites from the best local food trucks around!

Big Rail offers microbrews of every color including rich stout and hoppy IPAs as well as cream ales and crisp lagers to quench your thirst. This family and leashed-pet-friendly brewery offers you a great place to get some fresh air and enjoy delicious brews!

Big Rail Brewing is part of a larger plan to make Mercer County a destination for craft beer lovers from around the world. With its selection of craft beers, local attractions, and outdoor activities, Big Rail Brewing is sure to be a hit. Whether you’re looking for an afternoon flight or an evening meal and beer, Visit Mercer County has something special in store.

Plan Your Visit to Mercer County Today!

So come join us at Big Rail Brewing – where the beer is cold, and the view is even better! We look forward to seeing you soon. Contact VisitMercerCountyPA today to start planning your visit!

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