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Movies Filmed in Mercer County

Mercer County is a great filming location with its stunning scenery and historical sites!

From dramas to indie horror films, you can see a variety of sites throughout Mercer County that have been featured in films, such as:

Tiger Warsaw

This 1988 film, directed by Amin Q. Chaudhri and starring Patrick Swayze, features the charming town of Sharon, PA. Swayze’s character Chuck “Tiger” Warsaw shot his father, turning him into a semi-invalid.

Fifteen years after the incident, he returns home to seek forgiveness from his family. Some of the featured sites in the movie include King’s Music, Buhl Farm Park Casino, and the former George Boyd mansion.

An Unremarkable Life

Directed by Amin Q. Chaudhri, An Unremarkable Life was filmed mainly in Mercer and Sharon, starring Patricia Neal, Shelley Winters, and Mako.

This 1989 drama is about two sisters who have put aside their differences to set up a comfortable life together. When one sister falls in love with an East Asian mechanic, her intolerant sister becomes enraged, threatening to destroy their relationship.

The diner and adjacent gas station featured in the movie were refurbished for the film. The diner used for the set was sold a few years after filming to a buyer in Germany, dismantled, and shipped over. The gas station featured in the film has been torn down.

Blood Woods

Released in 2017, Blood Woods is an indie horror film about a group of criminals who stumble upon a lodge after a bank heist.

While they hold the owners of the lodge hostage and plan their next move, they encounter a vampire lurking in the Mercer County woods.

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