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Mercer County Guide to Local Spirits

Mercer County Guide to Local Spirits

Mercer County, Pennsylvania, is home to some of the best-tasting spirits and distilleries in the region. From small-batch craft whiskey to handcrafted gin, there’s something for every drinker’s palate.

Whether you’re looking for a local favorite or an inventive new creation, Mercer County has it all! The area boasts an impressive number of top-quality distilleries offering everything from bourbon and rye to moonshine and rum.

To help you make the most of your trip, here are some of our favorite distilleries that offer unique and tasty spirits:

Conneaut Cellars Winery & Distillery

Located in Conneaut Lake, this popular winery and distillery offers an impressive selection of local wines and spirits. They are the first distillery to come to the Lake Erie Region since Prohibition, offering specialized spirits like small-batch whiskeys, rums, and other distilled craft spirits. All their spirits are fermented, distilled, and bottled on-site with high-quality grains and fresh, sweet mash.

They are known for using century-old techniques with their modern stills to create stunningly delicious spirits for guests to enjoy!

Lynchwoods Spirits

Lynchwoods Spirits is another one of the popular distilleries in Mercer County, Pennsylvania. This family-owned business crafts high-quality spirits such as seven-flavored whiskeys, sour mash whiskey, and rum. All distilled spirits are aged in heavy char white oak barrels for a smooth, great-tasting product. With their unique family recipes, they also offer over 40 flavors of 30-proof moonshine to enjoy!

Stop in for a drink of one of their small-batch spirits or enjoy an alcoholic slushy Monday through Saturday for a refreshing new experience.

MLH Distillery

MLH Distillery is one of the newest distilleries to hit Mercer County. This family-run business has been crafting small-batch spirits since 2017, specializing in traditional American whiskey, rum, vodka, gin, and liqueurs. When you visit MLH Distillery, you can enjoy a number of cocktails made with their handcrafted spirits such as a Manhattan or Old Fashioned.

Scallywag Distilling

This pirate themed-themed distillery, located in Pulaski, PA, offers craft spirits such as spiced and flavored rums, limoncello, whiskey, vodka, and more! Guests can enjoy a variety of unique cocktails such as Seadog Sangria featuring slivovitz, Phoenix wine, fresh fruit, simple syrup, and sprite. You can also enjoy a loaded baked potato or their specialty potato of the month!

Unique Cocktails and Spirits to Enjoy!

Each establishment offers its own unique take on classic recipes as well as innovative flavor combinations that will tantalize your taste buds. Most offer tours of their facilities so you can learn about the process firsthand while sipping on samples of their signature drinks.

You can even pick up a bottle or two to take home with you! Of course, the distilleries aren’t the only places to get your favorite spirits. Mercer County is full of locally owned bars and restaurants that offer an extensive selection of craft beers, wines, and liquors.

Whether you’re looking for something on tap or a classic cocktail made with house-infused ingredients, there’s something for everyone in this area. Whether it’s whiskey or gin, you can find the perfect sip in Mercer County. So come out and explore some of the best spirits that Pennsylvania has to offer!

The next time you’re on the hunt for a delicious libation, pay a visit to Mercer County, Pennsylvania. You won’t be disappointed! Contact Visit Mercer County PA today to learn more!

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