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Interact with over 250 Animals at Pymatuning Deer Park

Feel the summer breeze, take in the scenic views, and immerse yourself in an authentic wildlife experience in Mercer County!

With the warm weather, summer vacation time, and the lush, green forests, it’s an ideal season for outdoor enthusiasts and animal lovers to explore Pymatuning Deer Park.

At Pymatuning Deer Park, a short drive from Pymatuning State Park, you can create wonderful memories as family and friends enjoy close and personal interactions with baby animals, domesticated farm animals, and view over 250 animals and birds from around the world.

So pack a lunch, load up the car with friends and family, and get ready for an unforgettable animal adventure!

Observe, Pet and Feed a Variety of Animals at the Park

Feel the fuzzy fur of a llama, feed and pet a baby goat, and a variety of other baby animals. Children can enjoy a ride on a pony for a unique, wild-west style experience as they are led on a pony through a wilderness trail.

Hop on the Deer Park Express and take a scenic train ride through the backwoods full of deer. Make it a contest of who can spot the most deer during your train ride, or sit back and enjoy the beautiful sights and sounds of nature.

After visiting the Kiddie Zoo or completing your train ride, you can continue throughout the park, where there are many other feeding adventures to enjoy. For bird lovers, you can feed the Parakeets at the Budgie Barn and take in their beautiful colors and unique sounds.

Stroll through the wooded setting, nestled under a canopy of trees to view both domestic and exotic animals on your adventure, including African Lions, Camels, Black Bears, Siberian Tigers, and assorted primate and several different species of deer.

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