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The US Roller Speed Skating and the American Artistic Roller Skating Championships come to Mercer County PA.

The Olympic Fun Center in Hermitage, PA, will host two events this June: The American Roller Sports Association’s US Roller Speed Skating Championship and the American Artistic Roller Skating Championship.

These two championship events will feature some of the most amazing roller sports athletes in the USA! The speed skating competition will be held from June 14th-18th. Speed skating is a roller sport where athletes race in a figure circle on inline skates. This is also called inline racing. Skaters must maneuver themselves cleanly through the pack of other skaters to get into the winning position. This is an exhilarating event of precision and skill that is sure to be a thrill, even for spectators!

The artistic skating competition will be held from June 27th-July 1st. Artistic roller skating is a sport that is like figure skating, but instead, athletes wear roller skates instead of ice skates. Artistic skating performances often feature self-expression through free-flowing movements, costumes, props, and music for a fun experience the whole family can enjoy!

To learn more about this event, contact Peggy at 724-346-3771.

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