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Kraynak’s Easter Bunny Lane Begins February 20th

The promise of spring brings anticipation for a cherished family tradition. Kraynak’s Easter Bunny Lane is the perfect starting point for families eager to welcome the season in grand style.

This hallmark attraction in Mercer County, PA, breathes new life into the days leading up to Easter, offering a delightful repertoire of activities to enjoy.  As we gear up for this heartwarming celebration, let’s dive into what awaits and how your family can make the most of the festive season.

Event Details

Kraynak’s Easter Bunny Lane serves as the festive kick-off to the spring season.  Beginning February 20th through the Monday after Easter, this attraction is located in the heart of Mercer County and beckons visitors from near and far to enjoy the Easter holiday.

This attraction creates a make-believe world of blooming trees and offers an array of magical characters that will amaze and charm both children and adults. Easter Bunny Lane is a 300-foot indoor avenue decorated with brightly colored trees and life-like animated characters that will get you into the spirit of spring.

Free Admission

In the spirit of the season, this family attraction is entirely free to attend. It’s a gesture that embodies the true essence of togetherness, allowing all families the chance to create precious memories without the worries of admission fees.

Store Hours

To accommodate families’ plans, the Easter Bunny Lane is open from 9 AM to 5 PM Monday through Saturday and is closed on Sundays, ensuring that the spirit of the event is accessible to all, regardless of busy schedules.

An Invitation to Joy

The commencement of Kraynak’s Easter Bunny Lane marks more than the arrival of warmer days. It’s a crescendo of smiling faces, laughter, and shared experiences that kindle the brightest moments in our lives. As families prepare to step into the jubilant lane, the event organizers extend an open invitation to all, urging everyone to participate in the festivities that celebrate unity and the joy of spring’s arrival.

Enhance Your Experience with Local Mercer County, PA Delights

Beyond the Easter Bunny Lane, Mercer County, PA, offers an array of attractions to complement your family day out. Explore local parks and trails or indulge in the rich experience of walkable downtowns with quaint boutiques and cozy restaurants.

Seize Spring in Mercer County, PA

Whether you live nearby or are considering a trip, mark your calendars and prepare to be whisked away by the contagious excitement Kraynak’s Easter Bunny Lane event brings. While in Mercer County, be sure to check out our other local attractions, restaurants, shopping, and so much more!

Gather your loved ones and join in the fun—Kraynak’s Easter Bunny Lane awaits your discovery. Contact us today to learn more!

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