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Membership Information
Download information on Membership with VisitMercerCountyPA here.

Benefits of Membership and the Investment schedule are discussed. In addition a simple application form is included.  We look forward to attracting additional partners to become a part of our exciting programs to build tourism in Mercer County.  If you have questions on membership please contact Peggy or Carmen at 724-346-3771.

Co-operative Advertising Program
Download information on the Co-operative Advertising Program here.

Under this program, two or more properties can jointly market and VisitMercerCountyPA will provide matching funds to assist with the campaign.  Advertising is something we all must do to stay competitive, so this is a great opportunity to partner and make your advertising dollar go further to promote your property and Mercer County. $100,000.00 has been set aside for cooperative advertising for fiscal year 2019/2020.  Please review the information and call at 724-346-3771 if you have questions.

Tourism Attraction Development Grant (TAG)
Download information on the Tourism Attraction Development Grant (TAG) here.

The Tourism Attraction Development Grant (TAG) provides financial assistance for the development and expansion of tourism attractions in Mercer County. $100,000.00 has been set aside for this program for the 2019/20 fiscal year.

Major Projects Grant
Download information on the Major Project Grant here.

The Major Projects Grant targets eligible attractions that drive significant overnight stays at local accommodations and helps Mercer County to become an all season destination.